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Identification Survey

So, do you need an identification report? That is what has probably brought you here. If so, don’t worry, you have reached the right place. We have experience in drafting highly accurate identification reports after carrying out an in-depth survey. With Surveyors Central Coast, you don’t have to worry about the delay in your project. Our reports get quick approval from the council as they adhere to all the guidelines. Let’s understand the identification report and what the process will involve.

What is an Identification Report?

An identification report is prepared after carrying out an identification survey which involves identifying boundaries of property including the location of fences, adjoining buildings, and retaining walls. It also involves marking nearby structures from the building.

Its other names are ident, ident Report, ident survey, Survey Report, etc

Why Identification Report?

An identification report is required in the following situations:

  • Identifying encroachment to settle disputes with neighbours over fences.
  • Locating the boundaries as per legal marking for resuming construction work
  • Marking legal boundaries of a property
  • Marking boundaries/ corners while sale/ purchase of land. The mortgage lender will ask for the identification report while you purchase a property.
  • Investigating easements, restrictions, or covenants

Our Process

Following a predefined process helps in covering all the points and removing the possibility of missing out on any point.

Our process is prepared after completing numerous projects and keeping in mind the council’s guidelines. The process involves the following stages:

Analysing the existing plan of the property and taking notes of the marked boundary.

Visiting the site and checking the marked boundaries as per the old plan. It also involves identifying any new developments.

Analysing the survey findings and drafting a report. Delivering the survey report.

Hiring Surveyors Central Coast

The above-mentioned process is carried out for the survey. However, before this, you need to hire the services. Hiring our services is a simple process and involves the following steps: talking to the Team, getting a quote, finalising the Service

If you are interested in hiring our service or even if you just want to get the quote for comparison, get in touch with our team. The contact information is available on the Contact page. Our representative will ask you some questions about your survey requirements and get back to you after estimating the cost. A free quote for our services will be provided to you. You can compare it to make the right decision. Once, you decide to hire our services, just let us know. Contact us today.

We start the survey process immediately after we get confirmation from the client. We don’t waste time and cause any delay in your work. All our reports are prepared in compliance with the council’s guidelines which are timely updated as per the latest amendments. Thus, none of our survey reports is rejected on non-compliance grounds. Get a quote today.

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