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Surveyors Central Coast is a team of qualified professionals with experience in surveying for different category properties namely Construction, Residential, and Civil. You are just in the right place if you are looking for reliable and affordable surveying services. Our registered surveyors are well-versed with the skills and expertise of preparing economic survey reports.

In a construction survey, survey reports are prepared for commercial buildings such as shopping complexes, offices, warehouses, etc. Civil surveying requires analysis of projects such as building bridges, roads, hospitals, etc. while in residential surveying, we offer surveying services for land or houses. Thus, with the Surveyors Central Coast, you will get a comprehensive range of surveying services.



Are you looking for a surveyor on the Central Coast Council? Our expert team covers civil, construction, and residential land surveying. We have an in-house registered surveyor and have expert knowledge from Umina to Morisette.

Are you required to provide Central Coast Council, or your builder, architect, or lending institution a Detail Survey, Contour Survey, Feature Survey, or Topographical Survey? They’re all the same thing and we have a team who specialise in these surveys.

Have you been asked to provide an Identification Survey? These are also known as Identification Reports, Survey Reports, or just an Ident. By NSW law these have to be carried out by a Registered Surveyor.


Often a survey is required as part of a DA or Construction Certificate. We understand what the Council requirements are so we make sure you get an accurate survey with the right amount of detail. If you keep the council happy then your development or redefinition will run a lot smoother.

We have experience of working with Engineers and Architects efficiently to find the solution of any constructional issue. Utilizing our skills and knowledge to get the project completed with no complications is our forte. We intimate the features of the land clearly to the engineers and designers so that they can come up with an efficient model. Effective communication between the surveyor, builder, engineers, and designers is important for a successful project.

New surveying technologies means fewer errors and speedy project delivery. We keep updating our technology for the best survey reports and our team keeps up with training for using the new technology and techniques. We also keep updating the equipment to match with the technological advancements. All this is done to deliver highly accurate surveys. Thus, clients can always benefit from our advanced services.

We follow a structured working pattern for all our surveys. Our team always remains well-updated with the council’s guidelines for construction. And, as per the guidelines, we update our process of surveying. Having a structured process of working helps in avoiding any miss-outs and thus, preparing a report that will get instant approval. This also ensures on-time delivery of projects.

Surveying services are also provided for individual residential properties. We have a dedicated team that only focuses on residential land surveying. This ensures you get an expert surveyor who not only knows the local area but also understands the ins and outs of the NSW Land Registry. If you’re looking to build, extend, subdivide or locate your boundary, then we have the best surveyors on the Central Coast.

Our experience of working on different types of survey projects always proves to be beneficial for clients. Our team has successfully completed different surveys for residential properties, large construction sites, and civil projects. With years of experience working in the industry and understanding the council’s requirements, our survey reports get quick approval and clients get to start their project at the earliest.



If you are interested in hiring surveying services from Surveyors Central Coast, you can simply get in touch with our representatives. Just tell us about your requirements and get a free quote. You can then decide on hiring our services after comparing the quotes with others in the market. We offer the best services at our quoted price.

Once you decide to hire us, we will book you as soon as we can and arrive at the site on the day, on time. You will always be kept in the loop about any major development during surveying or about the progress of the project. After carefully analysing the site, a survey report is prepared to cover all the points as per the council’s guidelines. The report will be handed to you after verification from a registered surveyor.

If you find difficulty in understanding any point of the report, feel free to talk to us. We will make sure that you understand the survey report completely. Contact us.

Talk to us now and we will ensure the best surveying services on the Central Coast.

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Talk to us now and we will ensure the best surveying services on the Central Coast.