What land survey do I need on the NSW Central Coast?

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What land survey do I need on the NSW, Central Coast?

Land surveying means a complete examination and diagnosis of a piece of land so that a plan or map could be designed. A land survey helps an architect and builder to know in-depth about the project that they would be working on. By identifying the features of the land, it becomes easy for an architect to plan in the best possible way and to utilize the given space in the most effective way. The building can be planned efficiently by considering things like electricity connection, water supply, telecommunication line, etc. A land survey is done for residential plots to commercial buildings to major constructions like airports, tunnels, etc.

There are many reasons for which one could require a survey report to be submitted to the Council office, without which any construction or changes in land or building will be considered illegal. A survey report by a licensed surveyor is required in the below cases mostly-

While buying or selling a property – The most common among all is purchase and selling off land or property. The survey will help the purchaser to find any defects or discrepancies that may bring the value down or can be a legal issue in the future. An Identification Survey Report is needed to be prepared and signed by a registered surveyor like Surveyors Central Coast.

 While Sub-Dividing a land –  Sub-dividing is profitable for many landowners but there are a lot of requirements from the Council office that are needed to be met before sub-dividing a piece of land. There are zones identified where sub-dividing land is approved, then there are restrictions in many localities that prevent sub-division of land like fire-prone land, contaminated land, heritage land, etc.

 While building a new home or renovating an existing one –  A survey that is needed to be conducted in case of any renovation or extension on an existing building is called a Detailed Survey or a Contour Survey. The Detail Survey states the existing plan and structure within a parcel of land and also the proposed changes in the building in case of a renovation

 While building a new floor or a duplex – Council generally allows second dwelling on a residential building but certain specific planning criteria are to be followed.

 While determining the boundaries of your land – A Boundary Survey is required to determine the extent of your land. It is mostly needed to avoid any encroachment and while putting a boundary between you and neighbours’ adjoin land or building. Marking of land involves determining and physically marking a piece of land.

 While finishing a building and need Council certification – Once a building is completed a Final Identification Survey report id needed to be submitted to the Council office to get an occupancy certificate. You can shift to your new home only after getting an OC.

We at the Surveyors Central Coast specialize in the above-mentioned surveys and any other requirement that you may have related to your land or building. Our experts are just a phone call away and are always happy to help with your requirements. For a reliable land surveying service on the Central Coast, get in touch with us