The types of survey offered by topographical survey companies The Entrance

topographical survey companies The Entrance
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Topographic Survey involves a series of tasks performed with the goal of determining the structure of the areas of the ground that has emerged from the water. It includes artificial objects and features or the coastal relief and the location of permanent nature.

Information like this is partially obtained by identifying the position of the points on the earth’s surface. It allows their shape as well as feature details to be shown, enabling their description and location to be charted.

Including these topographical survey companies in The Entrance offer the following types of surveys.

  • Mortgage survey

Mortgage Surveys are simple surveys. For most of their process, it determines the boundaries of land and the locations of the building. Typically, lending institutions and title companies require these surveys when they provide financing. They tend to show that no structures encroaching are there on the property, and any structures on the particular land or property follow the current building and zoning codes.

When you need this survey, make sure you are opting for an officially licensed mortgage survey from a licensed land surveyor, not a mortgage inspection.

  • Construction survey

Let’s face it. One of the most rapidly growing and largest areas of the land survey industry is the construction industry. From planning and inception to actual construction and afterward maintenance, Surveys are crucial tools.

Built surveys are generally conducted numerous times when construction is under process. It verifies for the local and state boards that the project authorized has been completed to the specifications set to the plot plan.

  • Hydrographic survey

While it might seem counter-intuitive, land surveyors are often responsible for carrying out Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveys.

A Hydrographic Survey collects data that relates to any part of the body. And the information may include the depth of water, the direction of the present, observing and recording the water levels and high watermarks, bottom contours, and the location of landmarks and fixed objects for navigational purposes.

This survey can also gather information for resource management or engineering purposes on seeking, for example, hydropower plants.

  • Geodetic survey

This survey falls under both the water and land category since it maps out the shoreline.

In 1807, Thomas Jefferson commissioned a geodetic survey as the Survey of the Coast. However, this survey did not have the proper instruments to perform an accurate survey. And that’s why this survey moves slowly until 1815.

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