Understand Land survey – What, How, Why and Benefits

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Before buying a block of land, whether featured with a structure or not, having a professional survey done is a necessity these days. A land survey reveals a lot about the land. And without a land survey report, you can get rejected by certain services. In fact, you can regret later overlooking the survey. So what is a land survey? Get the answer below.

Land Survey

The land survey generally means measuring a block of land. Using a combination of mathematics and tech, land surveyors find points on the land and measure distances between the points. These help to draw the map of the accurate legal boundaries and property lines. Surveyors use robotic stations, GPS receivers, surveying software, radios and more to ensure the exact report.

The Benefits of a Land Survey

The important information you will get from the report of the land survey includes:

  • Precise boundaries of a property.
  • The exact locations of structures, improvements, and additions.
  • Any geographic features that could disturb the use of the land.
  • The position of easements and utilities.
  • If any part of the land is in a floodplain.

How Land Surveyors Do Their Jobs

Land surveyors use the latest technology to ensure accurate measurements. They choose their tools based on the requirement of specific land. Popular tools that they generally choose:

  • Theodolites, which are optical instruments, measure the angles.
  • Altimeters help measure slopes.
  • Total stations that are electronic distance measurement devices help when leveling surfaces.
  • They use Global Positioning Systems (GPS) satellites to take very accurate measurements.
  • 3D scanners can capture any elevation changes.

Today’s Modern land surveyors use software that is developed to combine information from multiple devices. The software helps to prepare detailed land survey reports so anyone can read them easily.

Why Do You Need The Benefits Of Land Survey?

Having the benefits of the land survey is pretty obvious. For example, understand the exact property lines to determine the plot of land’s value and acreage. But some benefits may not seem to be obvious.

  • Deciding If The Land Fits Your Intended Use
  • Knowing Where You Can Build Structures on Land

Choosing the right surveyor is an important decision to make when you need a land survey to get done right. You can choose someone like Surveyors Central Coast. Read other blogs for more information.